Transitional Employment

A Transitional Employment job is a part time job, usually 6-9 months in duration. In TE the clubhouse develops and maintains a relationship with the employer and provides onsite training and support with back-up coverage during periods of member absence. Members receive prevailing wages.

Harmony staff provide training, support and absentee coverage on all positions. No formal interview is required.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment positions are not time limited and may be full or part-time. There may be a competitive element to the interview process. In SE the clubhouse maintains a relationship with the employer and the member, assists with job site development and training. The clubhouse does not provide absence coverage.

Independent Employment

Independent Employment positions are generally secured by the member. Employment supports are as frequent as the member chooses and are provided at the Clubhouse. Members decide if they wish to disclose their relationship with the Clubhouse to the employer. Independent Employment can be full or part-time

The Clubhouse assists and supports members to secure, sustain, and subsequently, to better their employment. Members who are working independently continue to have available all Clubhouse supports and opportunities including advocacy for entitlements and assistance with housing, clinical, legal, financial and personal issues, as well as participation in evening and weekend programs.

Transitional Employment