Clubhouse Units


All activities of the clubhouse, while strictly voluntary, are encouraged in order to assist individuals develop and improve employment related and daily living skills.

Harmony Clubhouse is a community that focuses on individual goals, strengths, and assets. Each member has something to contribute, regardless of their level of disability.

The focus of the Clubhouse’s work ordered day (WOD) is learning entry level job skills.  Members will volunteer for tasks during the WOD, operating various components of the Clubhouse.

Career and Administration Unit :

  • Employment Development- Writing resumes, mock interviews, and filling out job applications
  • Education Development- GED, college, and tutors
  • Administrative- Clerical, website development, and newsletter development
  • New Member Orientation- Tours, preparing paperwork, and follow up phone calls
  • Horticulture- Maintaining greenhouse/garden, watering, and planting
  • Housing- Listing affordable housing, transportation, and budgeting skills

Health and Wellness Unit:

  • Culinary- Menu planning, grocery shopping, prepare/serve lunch, and snack bar
  • Retail– (thrift store)- Sorting/pricing donations, stocking shelves, cashier, and deposits
  • Wellness Room- Exercise, bi-weekly health and wellness meetings, and Wii fit
  • Activity Planning- Research local events and bi-weekly planning meetings
  • Transportation- Member Drivers, organizing travel schedule, managing maintenance, and calculating mileage logs

Harmony members are not treated like patients. Members and staff work together as colleagues while performing tasks and making decisions necessary for the operations of the clubhouse. In an atmosphere of mutual caring and respect, members face challenges and gain a sense of well-being and acceptance. They have a chance to become independent and lead satisfying, productive lives.