Harmony Clubhouse Mission Statement:
Harmony Clubhouse facilitates club members’ participation in the community to each individual’s fullest potential through education development, vocational preparation and support, and positive social interactions.
 Harmony Clubhouse Member Rights:
 You are guaranteed the right to a place to come.
You are guaranteed the right to meaningful work
You are guaranteed the right to meaningful relationships.
You are guaranteed a right to a place to return
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Harmony Clubhouse is an accredited rehabilitational clubhouse for adults with a mental illness.
Membership is open to anyone who has a history of mental illness and meets the admission criteria of the program. Like a family there is no time limit on belonging; membership is for life. If someone is interested in becoming a member, they can call the clubhouse for a visit through Career Development Unit. Participation in a three day orientation gives experience in each of the work units and an understanding of what Harmony Clubhouse has to offer.
Harmony Clubhouse does not provide clinical treatment. The staff will help members locate mental health and other professional services as needed. The support is centered around the work ordered day and can also include help with housing, advocacy, and financial aid.